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  • Five stars

    The Evening Standard

    "This haunting production crackles with tension...There is evidence of crisp, fresh thinking in every scene of this excellent production."
  • Four stars

    The Financial Times

    "Technically this is one of Shakespeare’s comedies, but I have never seen it so successfully given a hard edge without getting caught up in its own earnestness."

Cast & creative team


  • Shylock
    Makram J. Khoury
  • Antonio
    Jamie Ballard
  • Portia
    Patsy Ferran
  • Nerissa
    Nadia Albina
  • Salerio
    Owen Findlay
  • Bassanio
    Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
  • Lorenzo
    James Corrigan
  • Solanio
    Jay Saighal
  • Gratiano
    Ken Nwosu
  • Morocco
    Ken Nwosu
  • Leonardo
    Guy Hughes
  • Servant
    Guy Hughes
  • Jessica
    Scarlett Brookes
  • Launcelot Gobbo
    Tim Samuels
  • Tubal
    Gwilym Lloyd
  • Duke of Venice
    Rina Mahoney
  • Aragon
    Brian Protheroe
  • Jailer
    David Ajao
  • Citizen of Venice
    Eva Feiler
  • Portia's servant
    Rina Mahoney


  • William Shakespeare
  • Polly Findlay
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Marc Tritschler
  • Johannes Schutz
  • Peter Mumford
    Lighting Designer
  • Anette Guther
    Costume Designer
  • Gareth Fry
  • Aline David
  • Bret Yount
  • Nia Lynn
    Company Text and Voice Work
  • Oscar Toeman
    Assistant Director
  • Simon Ash
    Production Manager
  • Sian Harris
    Costume Supervisor
  • Suzi Blakey
    Stage Manager
  • Zoë Donegan
  • John Wyver
    Producer, Live from Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Bruce O'Neil
    Music Director
  • Helena Palmer CDG
    Casting Director
  • Jondon
    Company Manager
  • Amy Griffin
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Sarah Coates
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Sabrina Harris
    Lead Chaperone