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  • Four stars

    The Guardian

    "A searing central performance flips the gender dynamics as Shakespeare’s study of greed gets a ravishing revival"
  • Four stars


    "Simon Godwin has taken exactly the right approach to this new production of one of the Bard's most obscure, least performed plays... the production is a handsome and judicious representation of this rarely done play, which should do much to rehabilitate it in the canon"
  • Four stars

    The Telegraph

    "Kathryn Hunter is hypnotic in this gender-switched tragedy"

Cast & creative team


  • Timon of Athens
    Kathryn Hunter
  • Flavius
    Patrick Drury
  • Alcibiades
    Debbie Korley
  • Apemantus
    Nia Gwynne
  • Lucilius
    Salman Akhtar
  • Flaminius
    Rosy McEwen
  • Servilius
    Riad Richie
  • Poet
    Ralph Davis
  • Painter
    Sagar I M Arya
  • Jeweller/Hortensia/Second Thief
    Zainab Hasan
  • Merchant/Varro's Servant
    Ross Green
  • Lucia
    Imogen Slaughter
  • Lucullus
    David Sturzaker
  • Sempronius
    James Clyde
  • Ventidius/Philotus/Third Thief
    Sam Pay
  • Caphis/First Thief
    Anton Cross
  • Isidore/Timandra/Erini
    Vivienne Smith
  • Titus
    Riad Richie
  • Demetrius
    Edmund Wiseman


  • William Shakespeare
  • Simon Godwin
  • Soutra Gilmour
  • Tim Lutkin
    Lighting Designer
  • Michael Bruce
  • Christopher Shutt
    Sound Designer
  • Jonathan Goddard and Ioli Filippakopoulou
    Movement Directors
  • Kate Godfrey
    Company Voice and Text Work
  • Matthew Dann
    Assistant Director
  • Jack Hopkins
    Music Director
  • Helena Palmer CDG
    Casting Director
  • Carl Root
    Production Manager
  • Anna Josephs
    Costume Supervisor
  • Lauren Simmonds
    Props Supervisor
  • Suzanne Bourke
    Company Stage Manager
  • Klare Roger
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Aimee Woods
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Zoë Donegan