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  • Five stars

    The Daily Telegraph

    "There’s fantastic work, throughout, from Troughton, grizzled, grey-faced, buttoned-up and stiff-limbed – a loyal old warrior surviving battles abroad only to be betrayed at home, driven to clarifying madness by his blind adherence to a heartless state.”
  • Four stars

    The Stage

    "McIntyre does not shy away from the play’s horrors, if anything she magnifies them." 
  • Four stars

    The Guardian

    "A terrific cast give a masterclass in power and paranoia in this tremendous modern-day revival of Shakespeare’s tale of revenge… when watching Troughton’s rock-like Titus crumbling into madness, you feel you are in the presence of tremendous theatre." 

Cast & creative team


  • Tamora
    Nia Gwynne
  • Aaron
    Stefan Adegbola
  • Lavinia
    Hannah Morrish
  • Marcus Andronicus
    Patrick Drury
  • Saturninus
    Martin Hutson
  • Bassianus
    Dharmesh Patel
  • Lucius
    Tom McCall
  • Chiron
    Luke MacGregor
  • Demetrius
    Sean Hart
  • Alarbus
    Jon Tarcy
  • Titus Andronicus
    David Troughton


  • Blanche McIntyre
    Stage Director
  • Matt Woodward
    Screen Director
  • Robert Innes Hopkins
  • Tim Sutton