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  • Expert Magazine

    “It is a ritual of sorts that is called upon to bind into one the past, present and future of nothing less than world theatre.”
  • Alyona Karas, ​Rossiisskaya Gazeta

    "​I'll tell you what, this Boeing-as-theatre, bidding farewell to an entire civilization, is more powerful that Goethe's Faust."
  • Marina Shimadina, The Theatre Times

    ​"The main trick of this production is that it turns over the roles of Tyltyl and Mytyl to veteran actors at the theatre - Vladimir Korenev and his wife Aleftina Konstantinova - and that a significant part of the performance is given over to their personal memories, which are embedded in the narrative."

Cast & creative team


  • Mytyl
    Aleftina Konstantinova
  • Tyltyl
    Vladimir Korenev


  • Boris Yukhananov
  • Yuri Kharikov
  • Anastasia Nefyodova