As theatre makers and makers of films of theatre our primary purpose is to arouse the passions of our audience and through sharing stories help us to know more.

Stories offer a sense of what it is like to be human and theatre offers an immediate and intimate space for this – both actual and virtual.  

And because we’re such fans of sharing we want to give you the opportunity to share Digital Theatre Plus. 

We’ve introduced the Digital Theatre Plus Gift Certificate so that you can give our resources to a school or college close to your heart. 

A Digital Theatre Plus subscription offers an innovative approach to how individuals and groups can enjoy the most entertaining, exciting and inspirational theatre. 

By capturing the wonder of the live performance, we have the opportunity of inviting a worldwide audience to sit in the front row regardless of economic or geographical constraint thus ensuring that the play’s the thing. 

Give the gift of Digital Theatre Plus

Give your chosen institution full access to our extensive repertoire of acclaimed productions, as well as related films, documentaries, interviews and study guides that will enhance the experience of each show.

Available certificates:

  • Primary school - £450
  • Secondary school - £600
  • FE college - £1,200

Each certificate lasts one calendar year from the day the subscription is activated.

How it works:
  1. Contact Digital Theatre Plus on email or phone and inform us of the certificate you would like to purchase.
  2. Pay for your certificate by credit card or cheque.
  3. We will send you confirmation of your purchase as well as an e-certificate which you may forward on to the school or college of your choice.
  4. Upon request, we will also send you a printed version of the certificate.
  5. The school or college contacts Digital Theatre Plus and quotes the unique reference code on the certificate to begin their annual subscription*.

* The annual subscription must be started within one year from the date the certificate was purchased.

How to contact us

Email: Please include your phone number so we may call you.

Phone: 0203 384 6846 and ask for Luke Flanagan

International certificates

The certificates listed are appropriate for UK institutions. If you would like to purchase a certificate for an international institution, please contact us above and we can offer you a customised certificate.

If all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players then let’s be playful with our means of storytelling. Let’s be game changers and by joining the highest quality of live performance with the most exciting technology, offer the world a shared experience of theatre and make an investment in its future.