Created by our in-house team of education experts, our new Virtual Classroom Toolkits provide useful tips on how to make the most of content available on Digital Theatre+ for teaching English and Drama.

In each toolkit, you will find a whole host of lesson plans, quizzes, worksheets and activities designed to inspire and engage your students in the virtual environment. You can also access supporting videos with members of the content team on Adult Content Guidance and Using Digital Theatre+ for Remote Learning.

Check out some of our most recent resources:

Compare & Contrast Compilations

Encourage students to watch different versions of key scenes, speeches and soliloquies and explore how meaning is communicated through staging, design, performance and language for essential comparative analysis.

Virtual Learning Lesson Plans

Immerse your students in the world of the play with these ready-made lesson plans. Specifically adapted for the virtual classroom, these lesson plans include exercises, pop quizzes and extension questions on characters, themes and key scenes.

Choice Charts

Give students the opportunity to lead their own learning with our Choice Charts - offering them a choice of exercises alongside recommendations of content they can use to further their knowledge.

Activate Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Save time on creating engaging and relevant activities with questions and answer sheets ready to download for revision and assessment purposes.

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