Shakespeare in your space

Following the launch of our brand new resource (Shakespeare in your Space: Macbeth), we decided to return to Marleybone School to speak to the students who took part in the workshop and get their views on how practically engaging with Macbeth has helped them with their studies. 

We spoke with Yasmin Coutinho who is studying drama, psychology and media, and Katie South who is studying art, drama and English. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Firstly, did you enjoy taking part in the workshops? 

Katie: I really enjoyed doing them. It really helped me understand the basics of Shakespeare, which is something you can apply everywhere. In English for example, we’re doing King Lear, and I’ve started to notice that Goneril and Regan have similar speech patterns to Lady Macbeth. 

Has it helped you in any other way in your English classes? 

Katie: Yeah, essays, discussions in class and coursework. 

Why do you think that is? 

Katie: If you’re studying a text - particularly in English - which is supposed to be a performance, then to not physicalize it or play around with the performance side of it at all, makes it really difficult to fully understand, or get the most out of the words. It was helpful to know how to move the text and how you could interpret it through language.

Do any of you struggle with Shakespeare? 

Yasmin: I personally do. I still struggle if I’m just reading Shakespeare’s text. They’re very long plays, so even if you practically explore even one page and completely understand everything on that page it will help you understand the core of the play. You can apply everything you know about that page to the rest of the play. 

Katie: Also speaking aloud is a much easier way of understanding the text. When you speak the text aloud, the natural stresses in the words reveal their meaning. 

Yasmin: When you practically explore a text, you’re physically connecting to text. Whereas in an English sense you’re just thinking and formulating ideas, but in our workshop you literally connect to everything you do, it’s not just mental, it’s physical. 

Yasmin and Katie were interviewed by Rhea Mehmet. Sign up to our mailing list for more information from the students of Marleybone School and Shakespeare in your Space.