On Creative Education: Fin Kennedy

Playwright, teacher and recently appointed artistic director of Tamasha Theatre Company Fin Kennedy discusses the value of the arts within the curriculum and how they can be used as a force for good learning across all subject areas.
Fin Kennedy in conversation with a strip of sunlight on the background

On Screen Writing: Sally Rosser

With so much of Shakespeare's language in everyday speech and consumption of storytelling becoming increasingly immediate, Screenwriter Sally Rosser shares why she feels a responsibility to find new ways for children to engage with the world's most famous writer.

Sally describes the challenge of adapting such an epic play and why Henry V is the perfect first text for WillShake to share.

Screen Writer Sally Rosser

On Writing: Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey is a prolific writer and his work spans the theatre, television and literary worlds. He is an artist who brilliantly expressed the sensibility of a time. He talks to us about his early years as a writer and the creation of his iconic hit play Beautiful Thing.

Jonathan Harvey chats to Digital Theatre Plus in front of bookshelves

On Writing: Mark Healy

Writer Mark Healy adapted Far from the Madding Crowd for the English Touring Theatre's stage production. Watch him discuss working with Thomas Hardy's classic novel and how he found solutions to the challenges in reducing a 40,000 word novel into a two hour stage show.

Mark Healy On Writing, Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

On Writing: Jeff Cohen

Jewish playwright Jeff Cohen tells how his relationship with The Soap Myth all began with a magazine article.

From working with renowned scholars and historians to having Holocaust survivors in the audience, Cohen offers an exclusive insight into the daunting nature of doing justice to what is such an important story to so many people.

Playwright Jeff Cohen discusses his play The Soap Myth
National Jewish Theater