On Hair and Make-Up: Corinne Young

Corinne Young was the Hair and Make-Up Mistress on Richard Eyre's multiple award-winning revival of Ibsen's Ghosts.

She sheds light on her training, discusses the key items required for an efficient hair and make-up kit, and reveals what happens before curtain-up on a West End show.

Corinne Young on the set of Ghosts
Digital Theatre

Malabar Masque: A Study of Kathakali

This exclusive documentary provides a unique introduction to the South Indian dance-drama, Kathakali. Detailing the history and practice of this traditional form, David Bolland explains the importance of make-up and costume, and provides insight into the various stages of actor training.
David Bolland

Lyric 360

This unique and exclusive documentary opens the door to life at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, west London, during summer and autumn 2017. DT+ goes behind the scenes to access all areas of the company, from their extensive young people’s programme to the key planning stages for their main house production of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull.
Digital Theatre

Kabuki for the West

This comprehensive introduction to Kabuki is designed for teachers and students wanting to understand the history and practice of a traditional Japanese performance form. This insightful documentary includes versions of popular Kabuki plays and explores the effects of applying Kabuki style, musicality and physicality to Western adaptations.
Leonard Pronko