How to Read, Watch and Write About Plays: The Tempest

Writer Daniel Rosenthal discusses the various ways to analyse and engage with Shakespeare’s The Tempest in three different stages: reading, watching and writing about the play.
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Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.

When Old Hamlet, King of Denmark, suffers an untimely death and is succeeded by his brother - who in turn marries his widow - his son, the Prince Hamlet, is already highly distressed. When the ghost of the father appears, then, to reveal to Hamlet that he was murdered by his own usurping brother, the prince vows vengence.


How to Stage a Play

Artistic Director Michael Buffong directed Talawa Theatre Company’s 2016 production of King Lear at the Royal Exchange. Here, Buffong and members of the acting company explore the unique joys and challenges of working in the round.