Digital Theatre+ Biographies provide an at a glance view of the lives of some of the most important practitioners who have impacted the development of theatre throughout history.



Digital Theatre+ Essays are written by leading practitioners and academics who share their research, knowledge and insight on a range of topics and also offer students further reading suggestions.



The 'A Guide To...' series provides specific teaching information, including detailed examples of how to apply particular teaching tools in the classroom, and how to use our resources alongside your teaching requirements.



Digital Theatre+ Playlists are bespoke resources designed for teachers to use as a springboard for subjects such as Physical Theatre and Design. Created by experts in the field, these playlists aim to inspire, support and enhance the teaching of theatre and performance by revealing how to make the most of DT+ resources in the classroom.



Digital Theatre+ Teacher Toolkits are bespoke resources designed by teachers for teachers. Tailored to each exam board, these toolkits allow immediate access to content available on DT+ for GCSE and A level set texts, and cover assessment tasks and focus areas for the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Theatre.



Digital Theatre+ Workshops give you a practical reference point to create and inspire your own engaging and dynamic lessons on key topics, themes and texts.


Digital Theatre+ Practical Workshop Guides encourage students to approach material using the practical, investigative and interpretive methods of an actor, director or voice coach. This applied approach creates a deep and thorough understanding of a play as a blueprint for performance.



Digital Theatre+ Fast Pass Revision Guides direct students to various forms of content such as productions, interviews, essays and documentaries. Covering texts from the Renaissance to 20th-century drama, the simple structure of these guides allows students to quickly access a range of resources available for their subject.



Our subscription resources and tools help to guide you through the platform, showing you exactly what resources you can use for teaching particular topics, subjects, curricula or standards.


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