Intercultural Theatre

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne Paul Rae provides an overview of intercultural theatre – a theatre which involves participants coming together from all over the world to share cultural forms, practices and worldviews. Rae details the history, theory and practice of intercultural theatre and refers to the work of key practitioners who have been influential in its development.
Digital Theatre
Concise Introduction

Talking About Plays... Girls: An Interview with Michael Buffong

Michael tells of Talawa's role in helping emerging playwright Ikoko develop the work, how a perfect cast is like an orchestra, and why the play's resonance won Ikoko both the Alfred Fagon (2015) award and George Devine (2016) awards. Most recently, Ikoko swooped the Channel 4 Playwrights' award for Girls itself, earning her a year-long placement with theatre company, HighTide.
Talking About Plays