Comedy is, by its nature, highly contextual, it must constantly adapt to changes in the cultural milieu in which it works. Comedy also relies on newness and surprise more heavily than other art forms – some jokes just aren’t funny after the first or second time one hears them. As a result, new forms and styles emerge constantly, just as older forms fall out of favour and are abandoned.
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Plays Through Practice guides look at interpretative choices and include exercises for developing directing, design and acting skills, as well as full and clear background information. They also suggest, where necessary, preliminary practical work that can be undertaken before beginning work on the text.
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Talking About Plays... A Servant of Two Masters: An Interview with Tim Supple

Tim Supple, theatre director, explores Carlo Goldoni's 1746 comedy A Servant of Two Masters.

Tim discusses the play's renowned character types, the work's modern-day equivalents - the most explicit of which is Richard Bean's celebrated adaptation One Man Two Guvnors - and how Goldoni mastered an art form so successful with a bourgeois theatrical audience.

Talking About Plays