Catherine Love, freelance arts journalist, theatre critic and researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London, provides an introduction to British touring theatre company Headlong. Love explores the company’s key works, including a variety of new writing, re-imagined classics and 20th-century plays, and highlights Headlong’s reputation for its innovative practice, use of digital technology and creative partnerships.
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Henrik Ibsen

Michael M. Chemers, Associate Professor of Dramatic Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, provides an overview of the life and works of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Chemers considers how Ibsen’s social-realist dramas defied conventional morality and compelled audiences to psychological introspection, affirming his place as one of the most influential dramatists of modern realism.
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How to Read, Watch and Write About Plays: The Tempest

This Digital Theatre+ Guide explores the various ways to analyse and engage with Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Providing an opportunity for students to use their theatrical imagination and enhance their writing skills, this invaluable resource also includes practical exercises and references to critical theory to help unravel the multi-layered nature of the text.

Harley Granville Barker

Emeritus Professor of Drama at Kingston University, Colin Chambers, introduces Harley Granville Barker - one of the most influential practitioners who shaped the post-war British theatrical landscape. Chambers outlines the history, aims and practice of Granville’s life and works, detailing his role in changing how Shakespeare was and continues to be staged.
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Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter was a British playwright, screenwriter, poet, director, actor and political activist who lived from 1930 - 2008. He is best remembered for work that established him as one of the most significant dramatists of the latter half of the twentieth century. His writing is often characterised by a sense of threat or violence hidden under layers of small talk, colloquial speech and silence; so distinct is his tone that the term ‘Pinteresque’ entered the dictionary in 1982.
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Hedda Gabler

Plays Through Practice guides look at interpretative choices and include exercises for developing directing, design and acting skills, as well as full and clear background information. They also suggest, where necessary, preliminary practical work that can be undertaken before beginning work on the text.
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Henrik Ibsen - at a glance

Ibsen was born in 1828, into a wealthy family. Ibsen’s elder brother had died several weeks after his own birth. He was born into a house that was suffering a loss; in addition, the affluence that the family enjoyed soon disappeared. By the time Ibsen was six the family was bankrupt.