David Hare

Ed Madden, Theatre Director and Creative Associate at Gate Theatre, provides an introduction to British playwright, screenwriter and director David Hare. Madden examines Hare's successful career, from co-founding experimental touring company Portable to his working relationship with the National Theatre, and explores how his plays often anatomise the ways in which political issues intersect with the personal. Contains strong language.
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Concise Introduction

Verbatim Theatre

Freelance arts journalist, theatre critic and researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London, Catherine Love provides an introduction to verbatim theatre. Love details the challenges that arise from portraying real people on stage and considers how verbatim is best understood not only as a genre but as a theatre-making tool used as just one methodology among many contemporary practitioners.
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Concise Introduction

Talking About Plays... London Road: An Interview with Alecky Blythe

Alecky Blythe, a playwright specialising in verbatim theatre, discusses how she had to be persuaded to look into the story to begin with, and explains the intricacies of honouring the narrative necessities of both truth and storytelling in creating verbatim theatre.
Talking About Plays