Using Digital Technology + Social Media in Practical Theatre Courses

Ezra Le Bank, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, California State University Long Beach, shares his research into utilising social media and digital technology to support teaching in studio theatre courses. The essay provides practical suggestions to assist educators in considering digital integration in theatrical (or other) courses.
Digital Theatre

Understanding a World View of Theatre

In Summer 2016, Digital Theatre+'s Creative Producer, Fiona Lindsay, conducted a live-broadcast Q&A session with former International Baccalaureate Chief Examiner Richard Gough, discussing his decades of experience in understanding the concept of world, or intercultural, theatre.
Digital Theatre

Understanding Drama

This extensive walk through of Western theatrical development spans centuries, from the amphitheatres of Ancient Greece, to the 'empty space' if the modern stage. Complete with timelines, textual examples and tailored exercises, this guide follows the DramaWorks tradition of applying a practical approach to the study of theory and tradition.
Practical Guide