David Morrissey gesticulates whilst sitting in a brown leather chair in front of several bookshelves filled with books


William Shakespeare
Liverpool Everyman Playhouse
Directed by Gemma Bodinetz

Film, television and stage actor David Morrissey talks frankly about his life as a performer, his love of Shakespeare and how his passion for plays was ignited through participation in his local youth theatre.

Production duration: 40 min 50 sec

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Cast & creative team


  • Macbeth
    David Morrissey
  • Malcolm
    Mark Arends
  • Banquo
    Ken Bradshaw
  • King Duncan
    Richard Bremmer
  • Lady Macbeth’s Doctor
    Richard Bremmer
  • Porter
    Richard Bremmer
  • Angus
    Neil Caple
  • Lennox
    Neil Caple
  • Lady Macbeth
    Julia Ford
  • Lady Macduff
    Gillian Kearney
  • Witch 1
    Gillian Kearney
  • Witch 2
    Eileen O’brien
  • Macduff
    Matthew Flynn
  • Lord
    Syrus Lowe
  • Ross
    Syrus Lowe
  • Donalbain
    Shaun Mason
  • Messenger
    Shaun Mason
  • Witch 3
    Nathan Mcmullen
  • Bloody Captain
    Gavin Marshall
  • Mendeth
    Gavin Marshall


  • William Shakespeare
  • Gemma Bodinetz
  • Francis O'Connor
  • Colin Grenfell
    Lighting Designer
  • Fergus O'Hare
    Sound Designer
  • Peter Coyte
  • Brett Young
    Fight Director
  • Tess Dignan
    Voice Coach
  • Jacquie Davis
    Costume Supervisor
  • Kay Magson CDG
    Casting Director