King Lear

William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Attenborough

Richard Goulding and Kieran Bew talk to us about the differences between working on a Shakespeare production versus a production by a contemporary playwright. They look at creating character and the varying interpretations Shakespeare's text can unfold.

Production duration: 20 min 26 sec

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"This visual awareness of form and structure is vital for our students in their exam preparation"

Juliette McGirr
Acting Director for Teaching and Learning for English
Claremont High School Academy, Harrow

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Cast & creative team


  • Earl of Kent
    Ian Gelder
  • Earl of Gloucester
    Clive Wood
  • Edmund
    Kieran Bew
  • King Lear
    Jonathan Pryce
  • Goneril
    Zoë Waites
  • Regan
    Jenny Jules
  • Cordelia
    Phoebe Fox
  • Duke of Albany
    Richard Hope
  • Duke of Cornwall
    Chook Sibtain
  • Duke of Burgundy
    Andrew Nolan
  • King of France
    Ben Dilloway
  • Edgar
    Richard Goulding
  • Oswald
    Steven Elliot
  • Lear's Gentleman
    Barry McCarthy
  • Fool
    Trevor Fox
  • Gloucester's Servant
    Christopher Tester
  • Gloucester's Tenant
    Alix Wilton Regan


  • Michael Attenborough
  • Tom Scutt
  • Jon Clark
  • Dan Jones
  • Julia Horan CDG
  • Terry King
    Fight Director
  • Imogen Knight
  • Paul Kieve
    Magic Consultant