Screen Writer Sally Rosser

Henry V

William Shakespeare
Digital Theatre+
Directed by Joe Talbot

With so much of Shakespeare's language in everyday speech and consumption of storytelling becoming increasingly immediate, Screenwriter Sally Rosser shares why she feels a responsibility to find new ways for children to engage with the world's most famous writer.

Sally describes the challenge of adapting such an epic play and why Henry V is the perfect first text for WillShake to share.

Production duration: 4 min 50 sec

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"This visual awareness of form and structure is vital for our students in their exam preparation"

Juliette McGirr
Acting Director for Teaching and Learning for English
Claremont High School Academy, Harrow

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Cast & creative team


  • WillShake
    Jonnie Kimmins
  • Henry
    Kian Graham
  • Friend and Soldier
    Michelle Wieczorek
  • Friend and Soldier
    Daniel Plenderleith
  • Bishop of Ely and Soldier
    Rory Davidson
  • Archbishop of Canterbury and Soldier
    Leo Betts
  • Westmoreland and Soldier
    Louie Burn
  • French King
    Jamie Lawson
  • Princess Catherine
    Freya Simpson
  • Narrator
    Tom Hiddleston


  • Joe Talbot
  • Sally Rosser
    Written by
  • Joe Talbot
    Produced by
  • Lee Bryan
    Produced by
  • Emily Blacksell
  • Sam Talbot
    Produced by
  • Gerry Boujo
    Executive Producer
  • Sam Talbot
    Executive Producer
  • Joe Talbot
    Executive Producer
  • Davide Cinzi
    Director of Photography
  • Jimi Simpson
    Edited by
  • Emily Blacksell
    Script Editor
  • Coline Brun-Naujalis
    Art Director and Animation
  • Cathy Wren
    Costume Design/Stylist
  • Jussi Honka
    Sound Design
  • Alice Canty
    1st Assistant AC
  • Ben Jones
    2nd Assistant AC
  • Marcus Tate
    2nd Camera Unit Director
  • Alex Amelines
    Additional Animation
  • Valerio Cerini
  • Roxanna Gilliani
    Hair and Make Up
  • Todd Pacey
  • Tapio Liukkonen
  • Will Hodgson
  • Kirsti Davies
    Wardrobe Assistant
  • Jack Wrangham
    Ariel Camera
  • Paddy Davies at Horizon AP
    Ariel Camera
  • Melissa Crawford
    Production Assistant
  • Todd Pacey
  • Coline Brun-Naujalis
  • Brooke Wylie
    Hair and Make Up Assistant