As You Like It

William Shakespeare
The Courtyard Theatre
Directed by Michael Boyd

Struan Leslie created the movement in the RSC's 2010 production of As You Like It.

Struan explains how body language operates as text in performance, how important contextual concerns such as era and etiquette inform movement decisions, and why working with the physical self throughout rehearsal achieves the best results.

Production duration: 36 min 48 sec

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"This visual awareness of form and structure is vital for our students in their exam preparation"

Juliette McGirr
Acting Director for Teaching and Learning for English
Claremont High School Academy, Harrow

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Cast & creative team


  • Le Beau
    Ansu Kabia
  • Oliver
    Charles Aitken
  • Phoebe
    Christine Entwisle
  • Duke Senior
    Clarence Smith
  • Charles the Wrestler
    David Carr
  • Hisperia
    Debbie Korley
  • Second Forest Lord
    Dharmesh Patel
  • William
    Dyfan Dwyfor
  • Jacques
    Forbes Masson
  • Corin
    Geoffrey Freshwater
  • First Forest Lord
    James Howard
  • Sir Oliver Martext
    James Traherne
  • Silvius
    James Tucker
  • Orlando
    Jonjo O'Neill
  • Rosalind
    Katy Stephens
  • Celia
    Mariah Gale
  • Dennis
    Peter Peverley
  • Adam
    Peter Shorey
  • Touchstone
    Richard Katz
  • Duke Frederick
    Sandy Neilson
  • Audrey
    Sophie Russell


  • William Shakespeare
  • Michael Boyd
  • Michael Fentiman
    Assistant Director
  • Tom Piper
  • Wolfgang Goebbel
  • John Woolf
  • Andrew Franks
  • Struan Leslie