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We're determined that by bringing high quality original productions directly to the teaching space that everyone gets a front row experience that stimulates, motivates and engages.

AQA and Digital Theatre Plus are delighted to be working together to highlight and share how the resource can be used to help teachers of GCSE and A-level English.

As part of these efforts, Digital Theatre Plus Creative Producer Fiona Lindsay has written an article for Voice, AQA's magazine for English, Media, Communications and Drama focusing on how Digital Theatre Plus enables teachers to bring the thrill of live theatre into their classrooms.

We are delighted the article is now in print, and you can read it in full now by downloading a PDF.

Fiona began her arts education career at the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company, and co-founded their celebrated education department. Fiona's passion for enabling access to theatre, regardless of socio-economic background or geographic location is inspiring, and we are delighted that Digital Theatre Plus can now be accessed by more than 1.7 million students worldwide.

The key thing is that we film productions without tampering with them. The play remains in tact. This in turn allows the resource to be applied by users confident in the knowledge that the source material is un-adapted and that the play is presented as the writer intended.

To find out more about Digital Theatre Plus, and to start your free 14-day trial, CLICK HERE.

To read the full feature written by Fiona Lindsay, Creative Producer of Digital Theatre Plus, click here to download the PDF now.