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Karen Hollis, homeschool teacher and parent reviews Digital Theatre Plus; the world's best online HD performing arts resource.

 The plays themselves are filmed with digital clarity; the production values are excellent. 

Digital Theatre Plus features productions filmed in High Definition, ranging from Shakespeare to classic playsmusicals and new writingfeaturing stellar actors (my daughter was thrilled to be able to watch David Tennant in a production of Much Ado About Nothing).

Key scenes are handily posted so that after you watch the entire play you can return to pivotal speeches without having to search through the play scene by scene.

Productions are accompanied by extensive written Study Guides, including everything from character relationship maps (useful for Shakespeare) to historical background information, analysis of language and questions for research and writing. 

To me as a homeschooling parent, the real gift of the resource is the bounty of behind-the-scenes interviews and discussions, offering students a much broader, deeper, and complex lens through which to understand a single play. 

There is also a filmed workshop, Shakespeare in Your Space, geared to supporting teachers with strategies for understanding and acting Shakespeare in the classroom.  

The entire resource is an excellent way to make literary analysis, character motivation, and interpretation accessible to everyone. 

Karen Hollis

Homeschool teacher and parent

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