For the first time I saw drama not as escapism, but an insight into my life.

David Morrissey

We are thrilled to announce the release of David Morrissey's 'Key Analysis' video - a fascinating, educational insight into the professional life and working process of one of Britain's leading actors - to support the studying of Shakespeare's Macbeth, available on Digital Theatre Plus.

David hails from Liverpool, and began his career at the Liverpool Everyman as part of their youth theatre group - the same theatre in which his Macbeth was developed and performed.

In this exclusive in-depth interview, he reveals how drama helped him understand and interpret the social discomforts of his youth, how it has the power to transform lives, and the joy of working collaboratively with others. 

David discusses the personal, social and practical benefits of being an actor, and provides a fascinating insight for anyone interested in literature, drama and social theory.

Building on his previous Digital Theatre Plus interview, David's feature-length exploration of his career and life as an actor joins our in-depth interview with David Suchet on these topics.

Macbeth is available to watch in full as well as by easy to navigate key scenes and speeches with Digital Theatre Plus.