Tom Shaw and Robert Delamere, Digital Theatre's Co-Founders

Here at Digital Theatre Plus, we are incredibly proud that we make world-class theatre available to students all around the world. So we were delighted when International Arts Manager magazine caught up with Robert Delamere and Tom Shaw, Digital Theatre's Co-Founders, to talk about our mission to make the arts accessible to everyone.

The digital space is taking theatre beyond the limits of the physical stage. Audiences can now watch, appreciate and interact with performances like never before.

As Robert explains in the interview:

The hope is that more students will be able to experience the same level of educational enrichment as their more privileged peers... the complete experience is an appealing alternative to the worn-out recordings of outdated archival productions formerly used in the classroom, and removes barriers to accessibility posed by geographical location or socio-economic background.

And it's not just a one-way street. We here at the Digital Theatre offices have plenty to learn from students who are brimming with ideas and who have grown up accustomed to consuming a large proportion of their entertainment and information on electronic devices. By making interactive lesson plans like Shakespeare in Your Space available on desktop, iPad and iPhone, learning about theatre has never been so accessible. This is also why we capture our productions in High Definition, so it never feels like you're watching 'the next best thing' but something altogether different. It's an experience that sits somewhere between theatre and film.

If you watch a screen, you need to use screen grammar because now kids have iPads from the age of two; everyone has that understanding from an early age.

That said, the heart of the Digital Theatre Plus experience is still one rooted in the power of theatre, as our Co-Founder and Executive Producer Tom Shaw continues:

Though ways to connect and communicate with audiences may be changing, the original essence of live theatre remains the same.

Read the International Arts Manager magazine interview in full.

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