Digital Theatre's Creative Director Robert Delamere shares his thoughts on the expanding of GCSE Drama syllabi to include recorded productions.

“The live theatre experience is a vital part of any culture. It is an experience, however, that is often restricted to the few because of economics, location or opportunity. The inclusion of digital recordings of productions in the syllabus should be welcomed as a way of providing a vivid window onto the world of live theatre – an exhilarating glimpse of the possibilities of performance.

Digital recordings can provide a conduit for outstanding productions, writers and creative talent. They encourage audiences to explore live theatre and immerse themselves in the practice and processes of performance. Live theatre is irreplaceable. Digital Theatre allows that experience to be seen, shared, and more widely understood.

We are great believers in access and an auditorium that knows no limitation, and it is refreshing to see the curriculum catching up with the digital world. This signifies a real tipping point for the use of digital resources in performing arts education, with the exam boards aligning in acknowledging the opportunity digital recordings provide for access to the arts for all students, anywhere, anytime”

- Robert Delamere, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Digital Theatre

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