This week Fiona discusses the importance of education, and the need for learners to have a safe learning environment - "Education is essential. Encouraging educators is vital... Support that enables this milieu should be freely given"

I normally write this blog on the train. The background noise of chat and rail clatter seems to nudge me into enough of a clear headed zone for the words to tumble out. I'm not a natural writer. Apart from being rubbish at spelling, I have no understanding of the rules of grammar apart from the use of a full stop. So, every time I write I have this inner terror of a red pen being scored across my page over all the errors. My thoughts also race too fast to be caught and most run away.

Living in fear of making a mistake can be crippling; the feeling of being judged even more so. Too many people look back on their education having experienced this and many spend a lifetime trying to restore themselves. I'm not going to worry so much about making mistakes, if I can, and other people can think what they like of me. Hmmm?!! I wonder how long this boldness will last. How safe will I feel wearing my  I-am-what-I-am robes?

Feeling safe cannot be taken for granted. This week the most unspeakable violence has wrecked lives in Florida and France. It's beyond belief that we have the capacity to attack in this fashion. Damage done takes generations to repair and we need to look beyond candles and vigils to do this well. Education is essential; encouraging educators is vital; having a balanced home life is non-negotiable. Support that enables this milieu should be freely given. The feeling of being safe usually gives life to behaviours other than violence. Mindfulness and wellness must be at the core throughout formal education. Tolerance needs to be a subject in it's own right. Young minds need feeding, but the essential nourishment must come from love.

Home - a safe place? It should be. Those of us with a door to walk through, a bed to make, dishes to wash, something to get up for, shouldn't take this for granted. The humdrum is gold and should be treasured. It can be gone in an instant in havoc wreaked by others as well as ourselves.

I'm not on the train; I'm at home. In today's interview Tamara Harvey pauses to think about what home means to her.

Home; it's not a house.