We are always delighted to hear back from our subscibers about how they are enjoying bringing the best West End theatre productions into their classrooms, but Lucy Rix, who teaches drama at New College Worcestor, well and truly put a spring in our step today when she sent through this note on how much she and her students are enjoying using Digital Theatre Plus:

As a teacher of drama to blind and partially sighted young people I am finding my subscription to Digital Theatre Plus fantastic! The students are able to watch high quality filming of high quality productions and actually see more up close of the acting skills than they would do if they were sat in the audience watching the plays live. For those with partial sight it's invaluable!

Providing our subscribers with the very best seats in the house by combining close ups of the actors and the sets with the highest quality production values and editing techniques is certainly something that we are proud to offer, and it's wonderful to learn that this is of huge benefit to Lucy's students.

I have also used some of the interviews with students as part of their research into the job of an actor (A Doll's House particularly as we're doing this on the BTEC Level 3 course) and have also used clips from plays such as Billy The Kid to help highlight use of voice to blind students.

Our in depth interviews with the cast and creative teams of all our productions makes Digital Theatre Plus an invaluable tool for teachers looking to expand their students understanding of taking a piece of literature from page to stage. Whether the language, literature, performance or all three is of interest to students, our video interviews and written study guides open up a wealth of knowledge about how plays are written and produced.

It's made such an impact in the classroom and in the students' independent work that I am delighted that we took out the subscription.

To find out more information on Digital Theatre Plus, and to take out a free two week trial, CLICK HERE