King Lear by William Shakespeare

We are thrilled to announce that the next production available on Digital Theatre Plus is the Almeida Theatre's King Lear.  

Tony and Olivier Award-winning actor Jonathan Pryce takes the eponymous lead in Michael Attenborough's final production as Artistic Director.

It's our second collaboration with the Almeida, having previously captured Jez Butterworth's black comedy Parlour Song.

When Lear asks each of his daughters to profess their love for him, he is flattered by the false hyperbole of Regan and Goneril.  When his youngest daughter Cordelia confesses to love him simply as a daughter should, his pride is dented and he casts her out of his kingdom.  Too later to realise his mistake, and forced from power by his offspring, an increasingly impotent and frail Lear descends into madness.

Accompanying the production will be a set of intimate interviews with the cast and crew. Pheobe Fox takes us through the acting processes she utilises to unlock Cordelia, the youngest and most favoured daughter. Trevor Fox candidly reveals his fears on approaching Shakespeare for the stage. Kieran Bew and Richard Goulding talk to us about their partner characters Edmund and Edgar, the desires that drive them and the differences between working on a Shakespeare production versus a contemporary playwrights production. Tom Scutt, designer of King Leartells us about the challenges of staging a play of such epic proportions. Terry King reveals the world of fight directing and the complexities of choreographing this particular type of movement. And Michael Attenborough speaks to us about his vision of King Lear and his desire to focus closely on Shakespeare's text. 

All of our productions, interviews and documentaries are available as part of a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus. 

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Image by Keith Pattison.