King Lear audio interview

King Lear audio interview with Professor Carol Rutter

In this extensive audio resource, leading Shakespeare scholar Professor Carol Chillington Rutter explores the relationship between Lear and his three daughters. Carol investigates how readers connect to Lear at different ages, reflects on the influence of Shakespeare's age when he wrote the play and compares the directorial approaches of multiple productions of King Lear.

Playing Romeo and Playing Juliet interview transcripts

Accompanying our interviews with Daniel Boyd, Ellie Kendrick, Nicholas Shaw and Alex Gilbreath on the challenges and revelations of playing Shakespeare's famous lovers, Digital Theatre Plus is pleased to provide educators with downloadable transcripts of all our interviews to ensure students have fully accessible resources. 

The actors speak with great insight about the challenges of playing Shakespeare’s young lovers, proving that there is no definitive way to interpret these characters.

The interviews, along with their downloadable transcripts, will assist students in exploring the multiple interpretations of Shakespeare's language and characters, illuminating how these actors understood the themes of Romeo and Juliet through their own personal experiences.