1 million students

Today we are thrilled to announce that over 1 million students now have 24-hour access to Digital Theatre Plus - which is double the amount of students that had access just six months ago. 

This huge growth means that we are now streaming West End theatre to educational institutions in 26 countries across the globe - from homeschools in California, to universities in New Zealand. Every single student is now able to take a virtual seat in the front row of some of the UK’s leading theatres.

Much of Digital Theatre Plus’ growth is attributed to partnerships with other leading educational organisations including Pearson, the world’s leading learning company; JISC Collections, who work on behalf of UK higher education and further education to champion the use of digital technologies; and the International School Theatre Association (ISTA), who are committed to providing high quality experiences that develop creative learning and internationalism through theatre. 

Today also marks the announcement of a partnership between Digital Theatre Plus and AQA. AQA is an education charity and a leading provider of qualifications and support for teachers and students, and will now be promoting the ways in which Digital Theatre Plus can be used as a tool to improve the teaching of GCSE and A-Level English qualifications. You can read more on that story here. 

These partnerships mean Digital Theatre Plus is able to reach all levels of education, complementing the teaching of a variety of Drama and English qualifications including GCSEs, A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate and BTECs.  

Fiona Lindsay, Creative Producer, Digital Theatre Plus comments:

To have reached more than 1 million students around the world is a great success, not only for Digital Theatre Plus but for the theatre industry as a whole. In bringing theatre directly to students, using a medium they are familiar with, we are in a unique position to share the wonder and value of the performing arts with a hugely diverse range of students, many of whom otherwise have little or no access to theatre. Students using Digital Theatre Plus may well go on to become the theatre makers of the future, and we look forward to expanding our resources to support their learning.

Marilyn Fordyce, Information Resources Manager, University of Otago Library (Dunedin, New Zealand) explained:

While the individual films in Digital Theatre Plus are of specific interest, it is the whole package of the database that appeals. The 'behind the scenes' insights deliver added value to the study of theatre and the study guides assist students to gain further understanding of plot, character, language, historical context and the authors.