We love when we can speak to students about their practical encounters with plays. So we were delighted when we had the priviledge of visiting East Ham to speak to GCSE students from Langdon's School about their physical explorations of Macbeth. The students used a number of practical exercises to break down the text, characters and themes of the play. These excercises can be found in our Shakespeare in your Space resource - our step-by-step guide on how to get students on their feet to stimulate a deeper and more meaningful connection to the text.

Whilst at the school, we took the opportunity to speak to students about how they had approached the play, and you can now listen to those interviews. We spoke to those who had never encountered Shakespeare, those who had not understood his work and those who had never stood up and performed in front of their classmates before. These students talk about why practical work helps them to feel connected to the play, how the work created a better group dynamic and how it will help them with future work in drama and English.