Why is arts education important? What makes a good theatre practitioner? How can students develop their skills and interests outside of their educational institution?

Arts education undoubtedly plays a hugely valuable role in a person's learning and development. As well as learning theatre skills, young people benefit from the other skills creative learning offers; boosting self-esteem and confidence, developing language, encouraging creative thinking, building communication skills and enabling people to collaborate with one another.

If you cut off the arts from that education experience, then you're cutting off a huge part of what any person's life surely needs to be filled with.

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane is Director of Projects at the Almeida Theatre, leading the theatre's creative learning department. She talks to Digital Theatre Plus on camera about working with teachers and their students, and the importance of building an education department that is as passionate about their educational activity as the work on the main stage.

With the role of digital media expanding, Samantha explains how the future of theatre education will increasingly involve digitally captured productions and online resources - to the huge benefit of teachers who often find themselves stretched for time.

Parlour Song, captured at the Almeida Theatre, is available to watch in full as well as by easy to navigate key scenes and speeches with Digital Theatre Plus.

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