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Through this service, currently reaching over 1 million students in 26 countries, students have access to in-depth study guides to lead them through a number of productions, while instructors can access a variety of support tools as well.

Introducing Shakespeare to students for the first time can often end up a challenging task – lack of access to live performances coupled with dodgy recordings from the 1980s make for a somewhat befuddling first time experience.

So it’s Digital Theatre Plus to the rescue, according to The Shakespeare Standard, who have published this article on our high quality digitally captured productions; many of which star big names students will love, like David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Zoe Wanamaker, David Morrissey and many more.

In addition to the high quality productions on offer, The Shakespeare Standard also praises our additional video content and study guides:

 Extensive interviews with cast and crew members, covering topics from set design to character interpretation, offer great behind-the-scenes access as well.

You can read the full article online HERE

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