We are thrilled to announce that Tricycle Theatre's acclaimed production of Sam Shepard's True West is now available worldwide.
British director Phillip Breen's production of this masterpiece of American theatre stars Alex Ferns (Legend, Wallander, EastEnders) and Eugene O'Hare (Prometheus, The Fall, Red Velvet) as estranged brothers. Written by one of America’s most renowned living playwrights, Sam Shepard's two-act drama is widely recognised as modern classic and the dramatist’s key work.
Austin ‘the achiever’, an earnest screenwriter on the verge of success, is working on a script he has sold to a Hollywood producer while house-sitting for his mother in LA. When his brother Lee ‘the drifter’ and petty thief decides to stop by, he pitches his own idea for a movie and convinces the producer to ditch Austin’s love story for his own trashy Western tale.
Now they must work together to secure the deal. But with mistrust and jealousy bubbling under the surface and the heat of a Californian night melting away their inhibitions, their own flaws threaten to get in the way.

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Stay tuned for a wealth of supporting content for this production, including a Study Guide from director Phillip Breen next week and in-depth interviews with the cast and creative team.