We are delighted to share with you an exclusive scene from our upcoming release - Jonathan Harvey's seminal play Beautiful Thing. 

Beautiful Thing is a glorious urban love story between two young men coming to grips with their sexuality and the effect it has on the people in their lives.

The scene we have chosen gives a glimpse into the tumultuous relationship between mother (Sandra) and son (Jamie). It exposes the pangs and tensions of being sixteen and on the verge of adulthood.  

We're incredibly pleased and proud to be adding Beautiful Thing to our repertoire of plays. We believe the production has the power to inspire debate and understanding through it's poignant and acute exploration of identity and friendship.

 We are further delighted to share more footage from our exclusive interview with Danny-Boy Hatchard and Jake Davies who play Ste and Jamie in the production. 

The boys discuss their reactions to the play with bold honesty, unveiling how their personal experiences helped to shape their performances. 

Beautiful Thing was captured at the Arts Theatre in May 2013 and will be coming soon to subscribers of Digital Theatre Plus.  

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