Jonthan Harvey's Beautful Thing coming soon to Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus is delighted to announce that Jonathan Harvey's Beautiful Thing is coming soon to our library of productions. 

A unique play written by one of the country's foremost contemporary writers, Beautiful Thing explores the complicated world of being sixteen and in love. 

Taking a long hard look at identity, friendship and the ways in which society can make an individual feel alienated, we believe this production has the power to inspire debate and understanding. 

Beautiful Thing is a glorious urban love story between two young men set on an inner city housing estate. It tells the story of teenager Jamie's relationship with classmate and neighbour Ste. Together the two boys find comedy, warmth and the music of Mama Cass through their loud mouthed next door neighbour Leah. The play exquisitely depicts what it is to be sixteen, in the first flush of love and full of optimism. 

Accompanying the production will be a set of interviews, including conversations with Jake Davies who plays Jamie, Danny-Boy Hatchard who plays Ste, and Tom O'Connell, one of the West End's youngest producers and producer of Beautiful Thing.  

Click here to watch the first trailer for Beautiful Thing. 

Click here to watch the trailer for our interview with Jake Davies and Danny-Boy Hatchard.