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Unlocking Elizabethan Theatre

This short e-learning video provides an introduction to this period of theatre history and its practices. This episode of Unlocked: Theatre History covers a range of Shakespeare's work and how his writing made an impact on society at the time.

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How to make Shakespeare’s language more accessible to students

Read our engaging teaching tips blog post and start tackling one of the biggest struggles many students face when studying Shakespeare - his use of language!


"Making Shakespeare Cool" in your classroom!

Sign up now and access our latest on-demand PLE series! This series focuses on making Shakespeare's language accessible to students through exercises using sound and movement. Macbeth and Julius Caesar are the key texts used by our panellists alongside their advice on integrating these exercises into your lesson plans.

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In Defence of Character - Hamlet - Text in Performance

After exploring context and analysis and interrogating the character, Eben Figueiredo takes to the stage as he performs Hamlet’s soliloquy from Act 3, Scene 1 of Hamlet.

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