Digital Theatre Plus Shakespeare in your Space with the Shakespeare Schools Festival

Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A three-part filmed resource created by Digital Theatre Plus and the Shakespeare Schools Festival that gives examples of how to introduce the story, language and characters of a Shakespeare text to students using practical drama based exercises.

Included in the subscription

  • Productions


    Unique high-definition films of leading British theatre productions.

  • Making Theatre

    Making Theatre

    Exclusive behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews with professional theatre makers.

  • Study Guides

    Study Guides

    Dynamic study guides featuring detail on character, language, themes and context.

  • Teaching Support

    Teaching Support

    Filmed practical theatre workshops that reveal text in practice, with supporting written material.

Cast & creative team


  • Macbeth
    David Morrissey
  • Malcolm
    Mark Arends
  • Banquo
    Ken Bradshaw
  • King Duncan
    Richard Bremmer
  • Lady Macbeth’s Doctor
    Richard Bremmer
  • Porter
    Richard Bremmer
  • Angus
    Neil Caple
  • Lennox
    Neil Caple
  • Lady Macbeth
    Julia Ford
  • Lady Macduff
    Gillian Kearney
  • Witch 1
    Gillian Kearney
  • Witch 2
    Eileen O’brien
  • Macduff
    Matthew Flynn
  • Lord
    Syrus Lowe
  • Ross
    Syrus Lowe
  • Donalbain
    Shaun Mason
  • Messenger
    Shaun Mason
  • Witch 3
    Nathan Mcmullen
  • Bloody Captain
    Gavin Marshall
  • Mendeth
    Gavin Marshall


  • Gemma Bodinetz
  • Francis O'Connor
  • Colin Grenfell
    Lighting Designer
  • Fergus O'Hare
    Sound Designer
  • Peter Coyte
  • Brett Young
    Fight Director
  • Tess Dignan
    Voice Coach
  • Jacquie Davis
    Costume Supervisor
  • Kay Magson CDG
    Casting Director
  • William Shakespeare