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Enhance your college Theatre course with Digital Theatre+ 

Available 24/7 on and off campus, Digital Theatre+ gives you and your students access to: 

  • Hundreds of productions from world-leading theatre companies 
  • Digital tools that are easy to integrate into your courses 
  • Resources for every college course, from introductory tools ideal for short courses to more in-depth materials for Theatre majors 
  • Exclusive industry insights to get your students career-ready


Simply fill in the form and a member of our team will be in touch with more information on a subscription for your college.

Hear from educators like you...

“Digital Theatre+ has transformed the classroom experience for my students.  Most of my students have never seen a live production of a play, and certainly, none of them has ever been in the audience of a professional production. Digital Theatre+ allows the students access to art formerly out of reach. The quality of the productions is unparalleled and students come away with an understanding not just of the plays, but also of the importance and immediacy of theatre." 

Elizabeth Dutton, English Instructor, Northeastern Technical College, South Carolina