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Everything you need for an engaging Theatre curriculum!

Get a range of accessible standard-aligned theatre resources to help your students excel in their studies! Support learners of all abilities to develop theatrical skills with:

Award-winning productions and insights from world-leading theatre companies

Ready-to-go lesson plans, practical activities and classroom exercises designed to suit any teaching style

Specially designed e-learning videos and interactive workshops across acting, design, technical theatre, directing, playwriting and more

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What can Digital Theatre+ do for you?

Save Time

Save time

Whether you’re looking for a quick starter video or full lesson plans, you'll have ready-to-go resources relevant to the topics you teach at your fingertips.

Engage your students

Engage your students

Captivate your students with hundreds of productions and exclusive insights from the world’s leading theatre-makers and academics, delivered in a range of formats to suit multiple learning approaches.

Improve results

Improve results

Our resources are created with your standards in mind, supporting your students in developing core skills and understanding to boost achievement and help you meet your objectives.


Aligned to your Theatre standards

Our resources are created to address your state standards for US Theatre.

Click the map to learn more about standards alignment for your state, or download alignment documents on the National Core Arts Standards for Grades 6-8 and High School, and AICE Drama.

Top resource picks for teaching Theatre

Discover new and popular teaching and learning resources to help your students develop skills and engage with theatre.

Productions from BroadwayHD

As the exclusive educational partner of BroadwayHD, you can access some of the service’s most exciting productions on Digital Theatre+ including Pipeline, Peter Pan, 42nd Street, Kinky Boots, Allegiance, Hetty Feather, Indecent, She Loves Me and more.

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Spotlight On

Provide younger learners with insights into key topics in theatre – including The Production Team, Shakespeare, World Theatre, and Theatre Foundations – with a series of short, accessible e-learning videos and student-facing graphic organizers.

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Discover, Explore, Assess

Access ready-made resources and assessment strategies to introduce students to new topics from key areas of your curriculum. Designed for learners of all abilities, you’ll be able to easily assess your students’ learning and get started building key theatrical skills.

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'Digital Theatre+ is probably my favorite resource our district provides. I love that you all are adding more and more all the time! Our program is huge and keeps us super busy. Sometimes I forget y'all have done so much work for us already! Thank you for reaching out. It reminded me that you all are already there to take something off my plate!'

- Theatre Teacher, North East ISD, Texas 

Hear from a fellow Theatre teacher...

Ready to implement tools designed to support you

A subscription to Digital Theatre+ provides you with a range of teaching and learning materials, enabling you to plan the best lessons, keep your students engaged and extend their learning. 

Image of teacher planning lessons


Get ahead on your planning with ready-made resources including toolkits, lesson plans and activities. Written by teachers for teachers, these materials are designed to create engaging lessons that meet your objectives. 

Image of Theatre class participating in practical activities


Motivate your students with videos, extension questions, workshops, practical exercises and more to spark discussion or get them on their feet in the classroom.

Image of female student studying at home


Extend your students’ learning with fascinating interviews, in-depth documentaries and accessible study guides, providing context and helping them make connections – perfect for independent learning!

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Devising and improvisation worksheet

Download your free worksheet on devising and improvising!

Develop your students' imagination and playfulness with this kickstart worksheet, full of practical exercises for solo, pair and group work.

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