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Teach The Crucible

Whether you're teaching English or Drama,  access a range of dynamic high-quality resources on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

  • Bring the text to life with engaging productions and e-learning resources.
  • Save time with ready-to-go resources for English or Drama.
  • Develop key skills and knowledge with teaching tools covering the play's characters, language, themes and more.
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The Crucible © Johan Persson

The Crucible   |   Production   |   Arthur Miller

  • 2Productions
  • 13Video resources
  • 6Written resources

Discover video and written resources to help you teach The Crucible, including lesson activities, contextual guides, and exclusive insights to help you address the play's language, themes, characters and more. 

Top resource picks

Explore a selection of popular resources to help you teach The Crucible. 

Production: The Crucible

There is no better way to engage your students with this text than with our critically acclaimed production, captured live at London’s Old Vic theatre and starring Richard Armitage as John Proctor.

Lesson Toolkits

Designed to save valuable prep time, and with versions available for both English and Drama, our lesson toolkits provide everything needed to explore the narrative, characters and key themes of The Crucible, complete with quizzes and extension questions.

Unlocked e-learning videos

These concise e-learning videos are designed to strengthen understanding of the text, with episodes covering core areas of learning, key quotations and knowledge-checking questions.

Study Guides

Give your students the ultimate introduction to the play’s plot, characters, themes, language and more with our accessible guides.

Documentary: Arthur Miller

Filmed in 1987, this exclusive interview sees Miller discuss the political and poetic nature of his plays, being a writer in the US during the late twentieth century.

Richard Armitage in Conversation

Richard Armitage discusses his performance as John Proctor, giving your students fantastic insights into Miller's protagonist and helping you bring context to their learning.

A Concise Introduction to Arthur Miller

Introduce your students to the life and work of playwright Arthur Miller.

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Hysteria in The Crucible

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