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Funding options for Digital Theatre+

Wondering how you can fund a subscription to Digital Theatre+? Access untapped budgets to help set your students up for success.

Check out a selection of helpful funding options that have enabled teachers like you to get the benefits of a Digital Theatre+ subscription without needing to be solely funded from your department budget.

Funding options for Digital Theatre+

Government funding

Title Funds

Title funds are federal money pots designed to supplement existing state funding for education. They are released yearly from the federal government, State Educational Agencies, and Local Educational Agencies; from there, schools and districts are allocated a percentage. There are multiple titles, each supporting a different group in the student body. Many districts and schools have purchased their Digital Theatre+ subscriptions with Title I and IV funds.  


CTE Funds

Schools and districts can use a portion of CTE Funds to purchase a subscription to DT+ to help students become career and college ready. You and your students can access a rich collection of interviews and insights from leading academics and industry practitioners to help students explore careers on and off the stage. In addition, state standards-aligned resources are a requirement for CTE funding, and the instructional resources available with your DT+ subscription are not only aligned to your standards, but also support the development of workplace and life skills such as leadership, collaboration, writing, critical thinking, reading, public speaking, creativity, and so much more.

Simply get in touch today to discover how we can create a tailored alignment to your CTE program and focus areas.

Thespian Grants

The Thespian Relief Grants Program offers two types of grants to help school theatre programs:

  • $500 grants for schools towards troupe dues (charter, reactivation, renewal, induction dues), issued as a credit on the troupe account.
  • $1000 grants to assist school theatre programs that have been negatively impacted by the cancellation of events or loss of projected revenue; this can include the purchase of equipment, costumes, lights, show rights, and help with any other issues related to getting a program up and running again this school year.
Troupes can apply for one or both of the grants for a maximum total of $1500 per school.

Using other budgets within your school


Digital Theatre+ is the perfect solution for your school libraries, and therefore can be taken from the library budget. Many libraries are looking to invest in future-proof digital education, to which we tick all the boxes. Many of our customers have seen in this instance that they get Principal support with either a subsidy or in some cases the full investment.

Other departments

As Digital Theatre+ is a cross-curricular resource, you can use multiple department budgets to secure a subscription for your school. In addition, departments may also bid for funding from a central pot where there is no outline of expenditure, but teachers are able to submit a proposal to request support, pending admin or senior leadership approval.

Accessing other school money pots


Professional Development

Budget is allocated to maintain teachers' continued professional development. We have a number of workshops and materials to help with this!


PTA and Booster Clubs

Both the PTA and booster clubs usually get behind Digital Theatre+ because it is a community resource. As it is available 24/7 on any device, in any home, Digital Theatre+ can become a resource for families as well as teachers and students.


Special Educational Need

Digital Theatre+ is designed to support all types of learners, especially those with Special Educational Needs, with diverse content including visual, audio and written resources.


Careers in the Curriculum

With Digital Theatre+, you can access relatable and diverse resources to help facilitate conversations and creative discussions. Careers in the Curriculum educates students to become global citizens and encourages their pathway to future success. Students can hear directly from leading practitioners within the industry to be inspired to further education and career progression.


English as a Second Language

There are many ways that we can support students with English as a Second Language, meaning that some of the budget used to support these students can be assigned to our resources. Some of the resources we offer include graphic novels of key texts to enhance understanding of the plot, and Close Captioned productions that enable students to read and listen when watching a production.

Accessing the wider community



Many of our customers have successfully secured investment from local businesses in exchange for internships, advertising, or fundraising efforts. This can be a great way of also forming lasting partnerships with your wider community. 



Fundraising can be a great way to raise money for invaluable resources like Digital Theatre+. The possibilities are endless, but why not try a non-uniform or themed day in exchange for small contributions, or a full-school virtual theatre trip for students, faculty and families?

Trips and activities

Trips & Activities

We are firm believers that students should have access to live theatre, but we also know that it's just not always possible. Digital Theatre+ is an inclusive way to give all students a taste of theatre, and the savings made on coach hire, staff, and risk assessments can be used to help subsidise the cost.

If you'd like to discuss any of these options with one of our dedicated team members or discover how we can support you in pitching to the relevant stakeholders to access your chosen funding, please get in touch today!

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