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Our free webinars and professional learning experiences feature leading educators and practitioners, helping you address key challenges, with tips, ideas and inspiration to enrich your teaching. 

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Inspired by Improv: Practical Tips for the Ultimate Improvisation Lessons

Looking for professional development on improvisation this summer? Look no further, Inspired by Improv is a professional development experience that features a live webinar from an expert panel of improv actors, theatremakers, and teachers to give you innovative tips, ideas and guidance on teaching the best improv lessons! 

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The Evolution of Chicano Theatre

Join legendary American theatremakers Luis Valdez and Edward James Olmos to discuss their experiences as artists and activists working to create and promote Chicano theatre.  

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Let's get critical

Learn how to use performance to teach critical thinking in your high school English or Drama classes with this exclusive event. You'll get access to an invaluable teaching demonstration on the power of performance in engaging students and practical advice from our expert panel to help you implement 21st-century skills in your lessons.        

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Ecotheatre: How to Make Theatre and Performance Sustainable

This fascinating discussion brings together an exciting group of artists and academics to explore the creative solutions available to theatremakers in response to the climate crisis.

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Greek Tragedy in Rehearsal

Explore the contemporary relevance of Oedipus Tyrannus in this exclusive roundtable discussion, as three dynamic theatre artists unpack how they'll be approaching the ancient Greek tragedy in their forthcoming workshop at Seattle Repertory Theatre.

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Why Boal Now?

Join our panel of experts for a fascinating discussion on the new Boal Collection – an exclusive curated selection of materials from the archive of Augusto Boal, available on Digital Theatre+.  

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Making Feminist Theatre (and Making Theatre Feminist)

Leading theatre-makers join forces for a roundtable discussion on feminist theatre, focusing on the practical approaches that enable theatre-makers to practice feminism in their work.

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"Checking Out Me History": Teaching Black Poetry

Engage your students with the work of Black poets with this invaluable session, which explores how lived experience, history and culture help poets create their work.

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'The Art of Resonance': Anne Bogart and Katie Mitchell in Conversation

Legendary directors Anne Bogart and Katie Mitchell reflect on the practitioners who have influenced their work, theatre in a post-pandemic world and more.

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Inclusivity and Theatre: Strategies for Teaching and Practice

This invaluable session unpacks some key issues such as inclusive acting methods, diversifying the curriculum and design through a racial lens.

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Teaching Acting, Voice and Movement Online

This engaging session looks at the perplexing challenges and surprising possibilities involved in teaching acting, voice and movement in an online environment. 

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Allegiance and AAPI Representation in Musical Theatre

Get fascinating insights into the making of Broadway musical Allegiance and AAPI representation in musical theatre history.

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Teaching Theatre Design Online: A Roundtable

Join our panel of theatre design experts to discover new ideas and inspiration for helping to bring design practice into the virtual classroom.

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