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Jonathan Pryce (King Lear) and Phoebe Fox (Cordelia) in King Lear | Digital Theatre+


King Lear   |   Production   |  William Shakespeare

Jonathan Pryce (King Lear) in King Lear | Digital Theatre+

About this production

This production was captured by Digital Theatre live at London’s Almeida Theatre as part of the 2012 World Shakespeare Festival. Directed by the Almeida’s Artistic Director Michael Attenborough, it starred the award-winning Jonathan Pryce as the title character.

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Discover video and written resources to help you teach King Lear, including lesson activities, contextual guides, and exclusive insights from performers, practitioners and Shakespeare experts.

Top resource picks

On King Lear: Carol Chillington Rutter

Shakespeare academic Professor Carol Chillington Rutter explores the relationship between Lear and his three daughters.

King Lear Practical Workshop Guide

Deepen your students’ understanding of the play as a blueprint for performance with this practical workshop guide.

King Lear Study Guide

Give your students the ultimate introduction to the play’s characters, themes, language and more.

On Directing: Michael Attenborough

The artistic director discusses his approach to King Lear and his vision to strip down the play and focus closely on the text.

On Acting: Zoë Waites

Zoë Waites gives an insight into the development of her performance and the choices behind her portrayal of Goneril in King Lear.

On Acting: Phoebe Fox

Phoebe Fox explores the processes she employed to unlock the character of Cordelia and analyses the text to better understand the character.

Manga Shakespeare: King Lear

Engage your students with this highly visual manga retelling of Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

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