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Dominique Morisseau

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Dominique Morisseau © Sipa US-Alamy

Playwright   |   Dominique Morisseau

Karen Pittman (Nya) and Namir Smallwood (Omari) in Pipeline | BroadwayHD © Jeremy Daniel

Dominique Morisseau is an American playwright and actress.

She has authored nine plays, including Pipeline which was awarded the Edgerton Foundation New Play Award in 2016, and was a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship (also known as the 'Genius Grant') in 2018.

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Discover a range of video resources to help you teach the works of Dominique Morisseau, including exclusive productions and contextual materials.

Top resource picks

Explore a selection of popular resources to help you teach the works of Dominique Morisseau.

Production: Pipeline

Dominique Morisseau’s provocative play reveals the challenges faced by Black youths in the American education system as a public school teacher fights for her son’s future.

Dominique Morisseau’s Pipeline: A Critical Introduction

Examine the play’s context, structure, influences and themes with this essay by Sandra Adell, Literature Professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Discover, Explore, Assess: Pipeline

Get access to ready-made assessments for teaching and studying Pipeline with this interactive resource pack, divided into sections for Before Watching, While Watching, and After Watching the production.

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