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Support skills that go beyond the classroom

Whether you're teaching ELA or Theatre, 21st-century skills are essential for ensuring that students have the tools they need to succeed in life.

Read on to discover the different ways in which Digital Theatre+ can support the development of foundational skills, equipping students to make a positive impact within school, beyond the classroom, and throughout the rest of their lives.

Students in classroom

The content provides opportunities for students to develop skills in critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking. We cannot thank Digital Theatre+ enough for the valuable experiences our students are enjoying.

Fine Arts Coordinator Lewisville Independent School District

The four Cs of 21st-century learning

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking

Analysis of text and performance provides consideration of different perspectives as well as thought-provoking discussion to support the development of this valuable skill.



Nurture creativity and immerse students in other worlds and stories by watching exciting productions, interviews, and workshops from leading education and arts companies.


PTA and Booster Clubs

Both the PTA and booster clubs usually get behind Digital Theatre+ because it is a community resource. As it is available 24/7 on any device, in any home, Digital Theatre+ can become a resource for families as well as teachers and students.



Whether learning how to compromise or work towards a common goal, practical group activities are key to fostering good collaboration skills amongst students. 

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Top resources to foster and develop valuable life skills 

Compare & Contrast

Put critical thinking into practice with ready-made Compare and Contrast videos for a number of popular productions. These bite-sized resources place different interpretations of the same scenes side by side to support students to analyse text, character and performance.

Expert interviews

Digital Theatre+ is home to hundreds of fascinating expert interviews, where your students can hear directly from theatre practitioners and academics about their own practice and ways of working – guaranteed to spark creativity and new ideas!

Unlocked: Speaking & Listening

Unlocked: Speaking and Listening is an exclusive series of accessible, student-facing videos and worksheets specifically designed to foster speaking, listening and discussion skills.

Practical workshops

Get started with engaging workshops geared towards developing teamwork, including dynamic warm-up activities from Frantic Assembly, or Shakespeare in Your Space, a series of practical activities designed to introduce a Shakespeare text.

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