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Anton Chekhov

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Playwright   |   Anton Chekhov

The cast of The Cherry Orchard © Stage Russia

Widely considered one of the greatest playwrights of all time, Anton Chekhov (29 January 1860 – 15 July 1904) was a Russian playwright and short-story writer.

His career as a playwright produced classics including The Seagull, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya. As well as a regular on global Theatre and Drama curriculums, Chekhov’s work is studied broadly at undergraduate level.

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Discover video and written resources to help you teach the works of Anton Chekhov, including exclusive productions and contextual guides.

Top resource picks

Explore a selection of popular resources to help you teach the works of Anton Chekhov.

Uncle Vanya: Sonia Friedman production

A fractured family confront their longings and loneliness as hidden truths emerge when Professor Serebryakov and his new wife return to their estate. Captured live at the Harold Pinter Theatre in 2020, Ian Rickson’s intimate and tumultuous production of this Chekhov classic features an acclaimed ensemble.

Three Sisters: Audio production

In this engaging audio production starring Jon Hamm, Tessa Thompson, Sarah Zimmerman and Sarah Westfeldt, we meet three sisters, reared in the exciting hubbub of Moscow, but having lived in the dull, gossipy backwaters of Russia for far too long.

The Cherry Orchard: Stage Russia production

Captured by Stage Russia HD at the Moscow Art Theatre, where it was first performed over 100 years ago, Alfred Shapiro’s interpretation of Chekhov’s masterful last play, proves that The Cherry Orchard remains as timeless and as relevant as ever.

A Concise Introduction to Anton Chekhov

Give your students the ultimate introduction to the life and work of playwright Anton Chekhov.

The Black Monk: Stage Russia production

Captured by Stage Russia HD at the Moscow Young Generation Theater, this award-winning reimagining of Chekhov’s short story combines oppressive lighting with powerful performances.

The Seagull: BBC Studios production

Anton Chekhov’s masterful exploration of artistry, failure and youth follows the lives of artists in conflict with themselves and each other. This 1978 production stars Michael Gambon as the influential writer Boris Trigorin.

A Concise Introduction to Naturalism

This concise introduction will give your students everything they need to study naturalism.

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