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Theatre Success Stories

Like many theatre teachers, finding exciting resources to engage and be accessible to students was one of John Payne Rios' primary aims when he found Digital Theatre+.

"I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of content on Digital Theatre+. The personal interviews really give an insight as to what happens behind the scenes and I’m thrilled to see it all!"

John Payne Rios, Drama Director, Florida

Elizabeth Nikki Andrews

"For the students, I think the most important thing is for them to find something new and something interesting to break them out of a pattern. It's so important right now"

Elizabeth Andrews, Theatre Director, Texas

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Gretchen nordleaf

"Digital theatre+ has worked to include resources on all of the facets that go into making a production and as a result, my students have felt empowered with their newfound knowledge."

Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson, IB Teacher, Washington, USA

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missey head

"Our teachers and students feel blessed to have the resources [Digital Theatre+] provides. We are receiving rave reviews from students regarding the quality and value of these productions."

Missey Head, Immediate-Past President of the Texas Educational Theatre Association, USA

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ELA Success Stories

For English teacher Dave Graham, Digital Theatre+ has supported him to increase engagement in the classroom and help students develop a deeper understanding of the texts studied.

"Digital Theatre+ provides a wide variety of excerpts that I can use when teaching plays and the variety of productions makes it simple to show individual scenes of plays interpreted by different theatre companies."

Dave Graham, English Teacher

Dave Graham-1
Janaquin Clark-1

"It takes a lot of time to find suitable material to extend student learning - Digital Theatre+ does that for me. Invaluable!"

Janaquin Clark, Head of English, California

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Laura Sheridan-1

"It brought the poems to life, and it gave our students a visual, and so to see it and hear it and hear different versions of it was just wonderful."

Laura Sheridan, ELA Teacher, New York

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"My students are more engaged because they can actually see and hear the actors' performances. They have learned to pick up on the varying productions' nuances."

Elaine Borgonia, English Department Chair, California

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Higher Education Success Stories

Access to a wide range of theatre styles is a key challenge when teaching Theatre and Performance, as literature Professor Sandra Adell found before joining Digital Theatre+.

"I think it's so helpful that students see and hear people on the site who have different accents, who speak differently. That helps to open them up to what's happening in other parts of the world. It widens their understanding," she says.

"I don't know another platform that is as vast as this is. It's just my go-to place."

Sandra Adell, Literature Professor in the Department of Afro American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Sandra Adell
Kat Low

"It's had an impact in terms of the number of students we've been able to take to the theatre, it has felt more equal – students have been able to access a wide range of theatre."

Katharine Low, Senior Lecturer in Applied Theatre & Community Performance, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

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Jeremy Franklin

"DT+ has allowed us to bring a myriad of productions directly to our students. Having DT+ available helps our students develop as well-rounded artists and expands their world-view, making them all the more employable after graduation."

Jeremy Franklin, Director of Music/Theatre, Colorado Mesa University

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karen cecilia

"As a Theatre Professor, the use of Digital Theatre+ is essential. It gives students of diverse backgrounds access to world-class performances that represent different cultures and perspectives."

Karen Cecilia, Theatre Professor, City University of New York

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