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Free e-learning video to
support your teaching of key ELA text!

You have until September 12 to get your free resource!

Re-engage your ELA students this semester with your choice of free standards-aligned, e-learning videos on a core text. Get resources to help you:

  • Build your students’ understanding of theme through a short video that is fully aligned to your state standards.
  • Assess student understanding and boost critical thinking with key questions.
  • Support students with their reading comprehension and other key literacy skills.

Unlocking Theme: Hysteria in The Crucible

This episode introduces the theme of hysteria in Arthur Miller’s drama and how it is used as a literary device throughout the text.

Capture from The Crucible

Unlocking Theme: Appearance versus Reality in Much Ado About Nothing

This episode introduces the themes of appearance versus reality in William Shakespeare’s comedy and how they are expressed through character and literary devices.

Capture from Much Ado About Nothing

Unlocking Theme: Ambition in Macbeth

This episode introduces the theme of ambition in William Shakespeare’s tragedy and how it is presented as an overarching theme throughout the play.

Capture from Macbeth

Teaching other ELA texts? 

These e-learning resources are taken from our 'Unlocked' series. Unlocked features short and accessible videos, giving you everything you need to engage students with key ELA texts, covering character, language, themes, structure and plot. 

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