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Theatrical styles resources to save you time this new school year!

You have until September 12 to get your free resource!

Choose from 3 free resources on key theatrical styles to get your class engaged this semester. These resources will help you:

  • Engage students with high-quality production clips, practical activities and formative questions to assess understanding and extend learning.
  • Enable front-of-class use or independent study through concise and clearly presented information for ease of learning.
  • Focus on skill-related components aligned to the National Core Arts Standards.

Unlocked: Styles - Musical Theatre

Covering the origins of musical theatre, contemporary musical theatre, and what it takes to be a musical theatre performer, this resource pack provides everything needed to understand the style of musical theatre.

Capture from Anything Goes

Unlocked: Styles - Physical Theatre

Showcasing how physical theatre has evolved and physical theatre techniques and practitioners, these resources provide everything your students need to learn about physical theatre.

Capture from Things I Know To Be True

Unlocked: Styles - Realism & Naturalism

These resources give your students everything they need to look at the origins of realism and naturalism, key practitioners and influencers, and explore how society influenced what happened on stage.

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